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Laid Bare Femme Fatale Films

Laid Bare Femme Fatale Films Featuring Mistress SinPiedad. In this debut session for FFF with Mistress SinPiedad, she has some questions for her personal slave… she knows what he’s been up to, but his reluctance to admit the truth only makes matters worse for him! Her name translates from Spanish to ‘No Mercy’, which asContinue reading Laid Bare Femme Fatale Films

Sensitivity Experiment Femme Fatale Films

Sensitivity Experiment Femme Fatale Films Featuring Mistress Lady Renee. Mistress Lady Renee is exceptionally adept at finding and pushing her slaves limits, however this slave is unknown to her before today, so he must undergo a thorough and painful examination. She starts by stretching out his nipples and cock, before dripping hot wax over his mostContinue reading Sensitivity Experiment Femme Fatale Films

Brutal Boots

Brutal Boots: Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee. The male candidate is new to boot slavery, but he knows he desperately wants to worship leather boots! The two Mistresses are not going to let him get his kicks, without them getting theirs though! They start by teasing him with their sumptuously soft black leatherContinue reading Brutal Boots

Smothered by Mistress Serena

Featuring Mistress Serena. Mistress Serena verbally humiliates her slave, teasing him as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend and never will. She tells him how useless the pathetic piece of mincemeat is between his legs, how crap he is at boot worship and how he will never get to lap his tongue over herContinue reading Smothered by Mistress Serena

Permanent Human Ashtray

Featuring Goddess Dommelia, Mistress Petite. FemmeFataleFilms like to keep it real and what could be better for smoking fetish fans, than genuine footage of Goddess Dommelia and Mistress Petite enjoying a smoke break between sessions. They relaxed in the summer house, with the permanent human ashtray positioned for convenience between them. They both light upContinue reading Permanent Human Ashtray